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West Vancouver School Planting Program

Description de l’événement

The District is proposing the following program to any interested schools in West Vancouver:

Tree Planting Locations – We kindly request collaboration from the schools and the students to identify areas around the campus where trees can be planted. These spaces could be carefully selected to ensure minimal disruption to existing infrastructure and the overall school environment.
Support and Resources – The District of West Vancouver is committed to supporting this initiative by providing the trees, tools, and guidance for a successful tree planting event. Our team will coordinate with the school administration to ensure the smooth execution of the project.
Student Involvement – We propose the involvement of students in the tree planting and maintenance of the trees (i.e., care, watering, etc.). This hands-on involvement will foster a sense of ownership, environmental awareness, and teamwork among students.
Educational Component – In addition to the physical planting and maintenance activities, we envision an educational component where students can learn about the importance of trees, environmental stewardship, and the role trees play in mitigating climate change.
Timeline and Action – The ideal time to plant trees is in October and November, so we are hoping to hear from you by October 15th with whether Collingwood is interested in this initiative and an idea of location and number of trees. We will then schedule a planting event in October or November, depending on what works for the school and students.

We believe that this collaborative effort aligns with the values of both the District and the schools. It would contribute positively to the school environment, empower students, and further establish the schools as leaders in sustainable education. In addition, it will support the District’s objective to maintain the tree canopy cover over time and ensure that the urban forest continues to provide important benefits to the community, particularly in the face of a changing climate.

Détails de l’événement