Événements de la journée nationale de l’arbre

Kamloops Food Policy Council supporting National Tree Day

Description de l’événement

We will raise awareness within our community of the relevant of the trees in our lives, their protective role against climate change and the significant supporting our food system. Our program collects the overabundance of fruit from our community for trees and the fruit is donated to help those who otherwise can’t get access to fresh and nutritional food. We will spread information to our harvest groups of volunteers (350 people registered) and through our social media.
Our storytelling will be based on the tree care:
1- Planting tree –
2- Highlight the importance of water and fertilizing, publishing the resources available for three care on our website.
3- Pruning- show pictures of our previously pruned tress workshops.
4- Picking the fruit
We will wrap up our campaign with a collage of our volunteers hugging a tree.

Détails de l’événement

2023-09-04 - 2023-09-22

12:00 am EST PDT



Kamloops Food Policy Council