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Selwyn Township ReLeaf Program

Description de l’événement

Selwyn Township is launching a ReLeaf Program! 375 trees will be available for residents (125 per ward) to support restoration efforts following the storm in May 2022. Many trees were damaged in the storm and replanting trees helps restore and enhance the environment. Residents can choose from either a white cedar or a red maple tree. The trees will be $10 each.

The Township received support for this program from Earth Day Canada. Selwyn Township’s ReLeaf Program will be recognized as part of Earth Day Canada’s 2023 Tree Planting Relay. The Tree Planting Relay provides support to municipalities across Canada who pledge to plant at least 50 trees in honor of Earth Day.

Residents must register by Monday, September 11 to reserve a tree. Registrants must be available to pick up their tree on September 15 or 16. Visit www.selwyntownship.ca/en/news/releaf-program-is-back.aspx for more information.

Détails de l’événement

2023-09-15 - 2023-09-16

8:30 EST - 1:30 EST EDT

Selwyn Township, Selwyn, Ontario


The Township of Selwyn



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